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January 12, 2016
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March 2, 2016

We hope that you are well rested after the holiday season

Dear Client

We hope that you are well rested after the holiday season and that the economic wheels are turning again quickly within your business.

While the focus at the start of a new year might very well be aimed at making new plans and exploring new opportunities, it is often also a missed opportunity to re-evaluate the current state of your business, especially if there were any noteworthy changes during the previous year. Such changes might relate to any of the following:

  • Your business experienced quick growth;
  • There were major changes to your client base;
  • Your risk profile changed, which might have been due to competition, an increase in financing, the competitive environment etc.;
  • There were changes to operating- or production capacity;
  • Key staff resigned or were newly appointed;
  • There were changes to your cost structures.

If any of the above are applicable it might imply (amongst others), the following:

  • You are currently under- or overinsured;
  • Keyman policies or buy-and-sell policies might need to be revised;
  • Your (or potential investors’) value perception of your business might not be accurate any longer;
  • You might need to adjust your cash flow projections to accommodate growth.

Should you recognise any of the above in the context of your business, contact us for a free discussion and a quotation to perform a valuation of your business in order to facilitate poising your business for maximum cash flow and value during 2016.

Please contact Arnold Scholtz at or Malan Botha at or 021 840 1600 in this regard.



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