April 13, 2016
I am not a director…… or am I?
April 13, 2016

The coming of the Second Machine Age?

In the bestseller The Second Machine Age, the authors make the case, amongst others, that technological progress is accelerating past our intuitions and expectations at a rapid pace.

According to a study conducted in 2015 by researchers at Oxford University and Deloitte UK, 35% of current jobs are at risk of computerisation over the next 20 years. At the top of the list features all matters related to accounting and bookkeeping with a 98% probability of being computerised.

We believe that a revolution has begun, and it is one where real time accounting will be critical to ensure future survival – not only of accountants but also of businesses. Enter the cloud-based accounting solution, and specifically Xero.

We have selected Xero as our preferred cloud solution for a number of reasons. We prefer it primarily since it was established in the cloud from inception in 2007, has unlimited users and collaboration, and has the capacity to integrate with over 450 add-on applications.

Imagine a world where your accounting solution downloads your bank statements automatically, your supporting documentation gets stored in the cloud, then the solution employs a combination of automation rules and machine learning techniques to account for those entries and invoices. You are then left to approve and interpret what has already been done electronically, instead of being stuck on mundane tasks that do not add significant value to your organisation.

That world is here now, and with ASL as a certified Xero advisor and Xero Silver Partner, access to that world is only dependent on your next action. Contact Arnold Scholtz at today to discuss the possible integration and automation opportunities that Xero could bring to your world.




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