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November 7, 2013
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November 7, 2013

SARS Updates

ASL_November nuus4Special Power of Attorney

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) recently issued an updated Special Power of Attorney template and has also started to adopt a stricter approach towards accepting documents that we submit on behalf of our clients. Therefore, should we need to submit a document of any kind to SARS on your behalf we would need to present a Special Power of Attorney originally signed by you.  The Special Power of Attorney template can be downloaded from SARS’s website by clicking on the following link: Special Power of Attorney


Change of banking details

The abovementioned special power of attorney is not accepted by SARS for updating the banking details of a taxpayer. We therefore cannot update the banking details of our clients on their behalf. As the representative of a client, we can only update the banking details at a SARS branch office in the following extreme circumstances:

  • Any estate due to death or sequestration;
  • Taxpayer who is incapacitated/terminally ill/imprisoned;
  • Taxpayer who is a non-resident (emigrant, expatriate, foreigner and temporarily outside the Republic);
  • Taxpayer who is a minor child

Should you therefore receive a request from SARS to update your banking details you will be required to visit your nearest SARS branch office and present the necessary details. Please click on the following link for a comprehensive list of the information that SARS will require to update your banking details:  Changing Your Banking Details


Warning to taxpayers on fraudulent tax returns

SARS is seriously concerned about fraudulent tax returns. They warn against “tax consultants“ who approach taxpayers with promises of substantial  tax refunds in return for a ‘cut’ of up to 50% of the refund and then submit fraudulent tax returns on behalf of the taxpayer.  SARS says that anyone who guarantees a taxpayer a tax refund may be misleading them and should be avoided.

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