Voorwoord – Desember 2012
December 6, 2012
Boet Lubbe resigns as director
December 6, 2012

Preface – December 2012

direkteureThe year 2012 is almost something of the past and one cannot help but look back at all that has happened during these twelve months in one’s personal life, one’s work environment and in other spheres.

As for Aucamp Scholtz Lubbe, we can testify to a year that brought challenges and opportunities which were jumped at eagerly but which, inevitably, also forced disappointments on us.

We are grateful that new clients joined us and believe this has much to do with our excellent reputation for quality of service that has been built up with skill and dedication over the years. On the other hand we also lost some clients, which can be attributed to the tight economic conditions currently afflicting not only our country but countries worldwide.

As in any work situation some of our staff left our employ owing to different personal considerations, while some newcomers also joined us. Details of these changes appear elsewhere in the newsletter. We remain proud of the top quality staff in our service and for the unity and cooperation and, yes, also the exuberant participation in social events, which characterise the positive spirit amongst our staff.

Many thanks are due to our clients, professional colleagues and business friends without whose business and support we cannot grow and continue to exist. Thanks to all of you for your continued support and cooperation and for the positive testimony which continues to draw new clients to our firm. We look forward with you to the challenges and opportunities that will be brought in 2013 and wish you success!

The year is concluded on a particularly high note with Aucamp Scholtz Lubbe receiving the Helderberg Afrikaans Chamber of Commerce’s Professional Business Enterprise of the Year award.

We wish you and your loved ones a very blessed Christmas time. If you are privileged to take a holiday we believe that it is well deserved and that you will enjoy it thoroughly.

Kind regards

Pieter Aucamp, Arnold Scholtz, Boet Lubbe and Christa Swart

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