U maatskappy en sy Akte van Inlywing soos vereis deur die Maatskappywet nr. 71, 2008
October 15, 2012
Betalingsverwysings vir elektroniese betalings aan die SAID
October 15, 2012

Payment references for electronic payments to SARS

We are increasingly finding that incorrect payment references are used when electronic payments are made to the South African Revenue Service (SARS). Because SARS then allocates the payment to the incorrect tax type, interest and fines may be imposed as the originally intended payment is made too late against the correct tax type.

A good example is where the reference for assessed tax is used when payment is made for provisional tax. If, at that point in time, the taxpayer does not have an outstanding amount against his/her assessed account, the deposit is returned to the taxpayer since SARS is not aware that the payment is actually intended for provisional tax. The provisional tax account therefore still reflects an outstanding balance, and a fine and interest are imposed.

Following is a list of the account names of the various tax types as they appear on the banks’ internet pages, together with the format of the specific 19-character payment reference that should be used.

There are also electronic payment facilities for Dividend Tax, Diesel Tax and Excise.

Please contact  our Tax Department (tax@asl.co.za),should you require more detail.

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