Ekonomiese tsunami vereis vindingrykheid
March 26, 2012

Economic tsunami calls for ingenuity

The magnitude of the monetary crisis that has hit the world, is fast beginning to become a reality among South Africans. Indeed, it is not just another economic slump; it is a tsunami of frightening proportions.

The bottom line is this: Tightening the girdle and buckling up are going to fall hopelessly short. By themselves, such actions simply will not save the day and provide a sure footing. The prerequisites for economic survival, let alone growth, are endlessly more intricate and demanding.  We, at Aucamp Scholtz Lubbe, believe that they compel us, amongst other things:

  • to think critically, like never before
  • to analyse fearlessly, like never before
  • to strategise innovatively, like never before
  • to plan prudently, like never before
  • to save fervently, like never before
  • to spend circumspectfully, like never before
  • to act decisively, like never before.

These are the requirements we regard as indispensable key elements in any real and serious effort for economic survival and, hopefully, renewed growth.

This conviction, in essence, is underscored by our promotion of the knowledgeable, experienced and tireless young chartered accountant, Christa Mouton, to a directorship in our hierarchy as from 1 March this year, as well as our appointment of a band of talented and enthusiastic graduandi earlier this year.

We are convinced that they all will augment our business endeavours significantly.

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