Departement van Arbeid op die loer
December 6, 2012
Nuus uit personeelgeledere
December 6, 2012

Department of Labour on the lookout

The Department of Labour is intensifying its efforts to monitor employers’ compliance with legal requirements. Inspectors of the Department are increasingly visiting employers in different sectors and asking pertinent questions to ascertain whether employers are fulfilling their obligations towards the Department.

Employers must therefore make sure that their affairs are in order as far as their relationship with the Department is concerned.

It appears that the spotlight is mostly turned on matters such as:

·    PAYE and UIF registration numbers with SARS – Proof of payments;
·    UIF registration numbers with the Department of Labour – Proof of last UI19 Certificate submitted;
·    Compensation Commissioner registration number with the Department of Labour – Proof of last WAs 8 return submitted and proof of payment in     respect of last  WAs 6 return;
·    Name of Health and Safety Representative; and
·    Employment Equity Plan, if applicable.

Prevention is better than cure. Avoid penalties. Be prepared to see the Department of Labour’s inspector if he/she approaches your business for information.

You are welcome to contact Jana Burger ( or Corne Moss ( at (021) 840 1600 if you wish to ensure that you comply with the relevant requirements.

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