Plakkers vir Loslitdag ter ondersteuning van Aanhouwen
August 17, 2012
SAID-tjekbetalings en ander betalingsreëls
September 16, 2012

Casual day stickers in support of Aanhouwen

As in the past Aucamp Scholtz Lubbe will this year be closely involved with the national Casual Day initiative in cooperation with Aanhouwen and Green Spot Marketing.

Casual Day stickers cost R10 and Aanhouwen will receive R4 of every sticker we sell. The funds raised assist Aanhouwen greatly to see to the needs of the unbelievably special persons in their care. Casual Day and the sale of stickers is one of three fundraising projects undertaken each year by Aanhouwen, the other two being the Aucamp Scholtz Lubbe/Aanhouwen Gholf Day and the Aanhouwen Open Day in October.

This year we shall once again take to the streets to sell stickers to the public from Friday 31 August until 7 Friday September between 07:00 and 08:00 daily. Look out for us at the Lord Charles crossing, the Victoria Street/N2 crossing and the Main Road/Victoria Street crossing. Bring all your change to support our effort.

You are very welcome to come and buy Casual Day stickers at our Reception for distribution to your staff, family, friends, acquaintances and neighbours! Call Joey on 021 840 1600 for stickers – we’ll arrange for them to be delivered to you!

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