Ons dienste en die koste daaraan verbonde
September 18, 2012
Loslitdag-plakkerverkope: ‘n Terugblik
October 15, 2012

Casual day sticker sales in retrospect

Mention the name “auditor” or “accountant” and in your mind’s eye you normally see a drab little man or woman, with glasses, hidden behind stacks of paper and statute books. Correct?

Well, if from 30 August to 7 September between 07h00 and 08h00 you drove through one of three busy traffic light crossings in the Helderberg area you will now have a considerably different image of an auditor or accountant. The occasion was our annual Casual Day fund-raising campaign in cooperation with Green Spot Marketing and Aanhouwen, a centre for the care of mentally handicapped adults, located in Somerset West. For six days some of us braved the cold every morning and literally, and with much enthusiasm, applied the saying “let your hair down”, by exchanging our prim office hairdos for brightly-coloured wigs and other interesting headdress, with only a single common purpose: Do whatever is needed to sell a Casual Day sticker. For each sticker sold R4 was donated to Aanhouwen, a care centre that is very near to our hearts here at ASL and which provides an unbelievably selfless service to the very special people who are daily kept constructively busy at the centre.

What do you do if, with your Casual Day stickers and coin box in hand and in pouring rain, you trot to a stationary vehicle at a red traffic light and the moment you extend your hand to attract the attention of the driver, the traffic light turns green and the person drives off? Become disheartened? Become impatient? That’ll be the day! We are speaking here of people who survived many Accounting exams in their student days and are able to apply the expression “hang tough” with great success. You simply wipe your drenched candy floss hairdo from your eyes, put on an extra-large Colgate smile, and straightaway target the next “victim”.

Was our campaign successful? Compared with the previous three years our sales this year exceeded all expectations and we sold 1074 Casual Day stickers! This achievement was celebrated with a hot dog braai on Casual Day where we reflected on the proceedings. Two emotions stand head and shoulders above the others: gratitude and humility; for having been part of such an inspiring campaign where one could sacrifice some of your time and by so doing make a difference to those who, despite great hurdles, grasp life each day with passion and fervour.

We wish to sincerely thank all who contributed, whether clients or not, for their generous support of our campaign. It was heartening to see that while some people hesitantly deposited a silver coin in the tin our clients unhesitatingly forced a note or two through the slit. For this, we once again say thank you!

We’ll see you again next year at the traffic light crossings in Helderberg. Until then we once again disappear behind the stacks of paper, statute books and respectable  office hairdos.

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