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August 4, 2016
ASL vier Mandeladag
August 4, 2016

ASL celebrates Mandela Day

1 300 primary school children. More than half come to school each day without food and with an empty stomach. Other children ask for toys and sweets but they ask for a little mealie-meal and food. These are the children of Sir Lowry’s Pass Primary School.

Nelson Mandela’s three rules for life were:  1) Free yourself, 2) Free others, 3) Serve everyday.

It was “Serve everyday” that inspired us at ASL to do something for the children of Sir Lowry’s Pass Primary School on Mandela Day, 18 July 2016.

We decided to devote our 67 minutes on Mandela Day to make sandwiches and share these out to the children together with a few apples and two suckers for each. Most of these children cannot eat at home and in many instances the only food that they have for the day is what they are given at school.

Our staff were busy making sandwiches from before 07:00 on Mandela Day. However much 1 300 children and 2 600 slices of bread may sound, we were not prepared for how much bread and how much spreading there really was and how much butter and jam was needed! We could (unfortunately) not make all the sandwiches in 67 minutes but all excitedly enjoyed undertaking this labour of love – whether their task was to spread butter or jam on the slices, cut in half or wrap.

It was such a privilege to be part of this project; we will long remember the children’s excited, shy and satisfied faces. And, as is usual, we received much more in return in the form of friendly faces and small hands grabbing for something nice, than we could give them.

We pay tribute to a Madiba whose example of “serve everyday” will stay in our memory. We can only try to daily follow his example.

ASL Foundation

We at ASL have a caring heart for our community and people in need. This is why we enjoy becoming involved, in the measure that we are able to, in community projects. We experience daily that the need for assistance is so great and that the means to satisfy this need is often limited.

Similarly, we realise that our clients often desire to become involved in a worthy community project but are not necessarily aware of the opportunity. Such involvement can vary from physical to monetary assistance and support.

We would therefore like to invite our clients and business friends to become involved with us in such projects. We already receive incredible support on an ongoing basis from our clients for our projects and are truly grateful therefor. Without this support most of our projects would not be possible.

We wish to thank Willa Gibson of Sterkwater Boerdery for his generous donation of apples for our Mandela Day outreach at Sir Lowry’s Pass Primary School and for donating 2 600 suckers as well as soccer balls and netball balls for the children.

Our vision is to establish, in the foreseeable future, a formal structure that can be used to support and undertake benevolent projects and make monetary contributions to worthy projects. In the meantime we do this informally and are thankful for the support we already receive in support of the people and the bodies that we already reach out to.

If you would like to become involved in our initiatives, in any or however small a way, you are welcome to contact Pieter Aucamp at



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