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September 16, 2012
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September 17, 2012

A surprise visit to London and the Paralympics for one of our staff

Neasa May, one of our first-year clerks, was a participant in the Educational Development Programme of the Erinvale Care and Help Organisation (ECHO) during her graduate studies and, at the time of joining Aucamp Scholtz Lubbe, she also joined ECHO’s Committee.

Recently an exceptional opportunity came her way when, as one of two beneficiaries, she received a gift of air tickets, accommodation and other assistance made by an ECHO supporter to enable her to visit London for ten days during the period of the 2012 Paralympic Games. She says that she was “just totally bowled over” when she was given the news.

Before leaving for London on August 31st an overjoyed Neasa spoke about her forthcoming first overseas visit and also expressed her gratitude to her sponsor, to ECHO, and all who further contributed and assisted towards realisation of  the event. She also thanked ASL for their support and granting of the time off to take up the wonderful opportunity offered to her. Neasa and her fellow recipient, Lezahn Julius, were given tickets to attend a number of the track events at the Paralympics and returned home exhilarated by their experience.  One of several highlights was seeing a fellow participant in the ECHO programme, Hilton Langenhoven, receive a silver medal in the 400m (T12) event. To add to Neasa’s enjoyment of the Paralympics, Hilton arranged for her and Lezahn to visit and view the facilities of the Olympic Village where they also met and spent time with some of the other South African athletes.

The sporting side of the visit was supplemented by other memorable occasions: An excursion to the city of Winchester and its historical cathedral with one of ECHO’s supporters; attendance of the Tina Turner musical Soul Sister in London; and visits to some of London’s must-see tourist attractions such as the Tower of London, the London Eye and Madame Tussauds.

All of us here at ASL share Neasa’s elation at the very special opportunity she was granted. We are sure that our readers will join us in wishing that her experience in London will be a constant source of joy and inspiration to her in the future.

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