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March 31, 2020
What’s in our app stack?
April 7, 2020

Free offer to SMEs!  Adopt Xero, run your accounting from anywhere.

Free offer to SMEs!  Adopt Xero, run your accounting from anywhere.

Small businesses everywhere are trying to figure out how to continue doing business and support their staff, customers and suppliers, has made us go into war-room-like strategising. If we could do at least one thing during this period of lockdown and help any struggling SME continue with business, we know we have expertise to help business owners migrate over to an all-digital accounting platform.

With that said, and in this spirit, we are offering to help any business during the month of April, with their migration over to our recommended digital accounting platform, Xero.   We recognise that the current lockdown has the very real potential to severely impact profitability, cashflow management and sustainability of SMEs.

Xero is the current market leader in the cloud accounting space; and with good reason. The platform has become a hub from where numerous other add-ons can be integrated. It allows you to easily integrate your finances with other functions, such as marketing, inventory management, document management and more.

Contact us today for assistance. See our terms and conditions below for further details.

  • This offer is open to the first 50 new requests via this contact us link during the month of April;
  • The offer is open to any South African-based SME (both current and new clients) that have not integrated and adopted digital accounting;
  • We will include the facilitation of the conversion of legacy system accounting data to Xero;
  • SMEs would need to sign a monthly subscription to Xero;
  • We will include basic on-boarding and training on how to get the business up and running on the platform;
  • We will include a high-level analysis of your organisation’s data and provide high-level recommendations on how to survive and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic; and
  • Customised training, setup and automation will need to be scoped, costed and approved.