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August 31, 2018
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August 31, 2018

Reporting | SAGE VIP Smart HR

Our Payroll Department uses inter alia the above mentioned program to process clients’ salaries. This program has a wide variety of reports that can assist the management of a concern to satisfy reporting requirements.

We considered it proper to list some of the most important reports and share a little more detail should there be a need for it so that you can contact us.

Financial Reports

  • Costing Report – This report can be drawn up by different sections. This makes it much easier for management to ascertain what the cost is for a specific department for a specific period.
  • Variance Report – This report is used to check the monthly processing and to compare it with the salaries information of the previous month. Any information that changed during this month is shown here.
  • Stats SA Report – Sometimes Statistics South Africa requests the completion of a questionnaire, this report is useful for that questionaire.
  • 12-Month Report – This report contains all the information for a 12-month period.

Human Resources Reports

  • U119 Report – The Salary Department currently uses the U119 Report to generate U119 Certificates required by the Department of Labour in respect of employees who apply for UIF from the Department of Labour.
  • Headcount Report Current – This report indicates how many employees worked for the company in a specific period.
  • Age Profile Report.
  • Equity Report.

Leave Reports

  • Leave days due.
  • Any leave line for a selected period.
  • Leave Mon/Fri for a selected period – This report indicates which staff members are inclined to take sick leave on a Monday or Friday.

Other Solutions

  • Subsistence calculator.
  • Birthday Report – Useful report for management to have the birthdays of all employees to hand.

These reports can easily be provided for clients whose salaries are processed on SAGE VIP. Should you require any of the above reports or if your current solution does not offer these reports, you are welcome to contact Corné Moss on corne@asl.co.za or Charlene van Rensburg charlene@asl.co.za for assistance.