The relevance of CA(SA)’s
July 31, 2018
When can business expenses be deducted for an individual if additional income is earned over salary?
July 31, 2018

Payroll Technology

Technology is ever-evolving, with the payroll industry being no exception. Improvements in software and cloud solutions allow employers and payroll companies such as us to handle more volumes without having to increase resources.

There are three main areas in which technological change is making a difference to payroll: cloud accounting, mobile use and application programming interfaces (API’s). API’s allow various software packages to integrate with one another to avoid duplication of work.

At ASL, we make use of payroll software called Simplepay. It is an easy-to-use online payroll system that is cloud-based (no software downloads), has mobile use (application for smartphones allowing employees to perform actions such as view payslips and apply for leave) and has API capabilities (we use it to integrate with Xero Accounting). The product does not only keep your business compliant like other payroll applications, it also ensures that your payroll is reported and accounted for efficiently.

If you are interested in simplifying your payroll processing, give our Payroll Department a call, we are more than willing to clarify any questions you may have. Our payroll administrators, Corné and Charlene, can be contacted at or 021 840 1600.